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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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shooting ram passenger in republican debate before surgeon tuesday. the jabs -- super tuesday. caitlin: we have breaking news about a plane crash. how many victims there are and why getting to them will be a challenge. >> carolinagood morning, carolina, welcome on friday february 26. barbara: thank you for joining us. we will have more but first weather and traffic. here is meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. as you head out we've got temperatures across the region in the mid 30's and they will climb today into the 40's. expect 30's until about 10:00 this morning and that is the transition time to 40 and they will stay in the 40's most of the afternoon. from across the region we have dropped below freezing down to 31 now at r.d.u. 31 roxboro. 34 louisburg, 36 smithfield, 33
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fayetteville 37. mainly clear now and 31. by lunchtime mostly sunny and 44. going home it afternoon mostly sunny and around 50. today is the coolest of the next seven. tonight the coldest night then we warm up. we will talk about that in the complete forecast but now we talk weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: happy friday. chopper 11 h.d. just took off and they are joining us so good friday morning to you giving us aerial pictures. it is early so the volume is pretty light. the sun is just starting to come up over some of the area. we can't tell from this shot but we can see the lights moving fine. we are starting off with a light volume and here is our road weather index looking very nice. no precipitation to deal with and no fog. everything is a-ok in the weather department.
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around the wake forest area an accident here. the main interstates are looking good. 540 and glenwood fine. we will check the drive times in a few. caitlin: we are keeping an eye on a developing story involving another plane crash in nepal. this is the second one this week. this one was in the mountainous area in the western part of the country. the small plane was said to be carrying 11 people at the time. government officials say at least one is dead and there could be more. it appears it was having technical problems and tried to land in a field near the top of a mountain when it crashed. as we said this is the second crash in three days. on wednesday 23 were killedkuwait, the rest local citizens including two children.
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crash, it is in a remote area so the hike getting there takes at least four hours. we will keep you posted so stay tuned to abc11. barbara: stunning video just in a spectacular emergency landing in guam. the froze gear on this plane wouldn't come down and the pilots had only the rear wheels. it scrapes the ground and only three were on the flight and none was hurt. >> never in a million years you imagine it with happen. when you work with them our day. just in a panic. john: employees of a kansas company in shock after a co-worker went on a shooting rampage. three are dead and the gunman who was killed about paolice. they were all employees at excel industries who makes lawn mower products. 14 others were hurt in a series
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at the factory. look at the abc11 mobile app for updates. barbara: the national weather service says a tornado in appomattox county had winds up to 165 miles an hour. it was 400 yards wide and on the ground 13 miles. more than 100 homes were dammed or destroyed -- damaged or destroyed. it spawned a tornado in waverly be virginia that killed three. john: the governor of north carolina issuing a state of emergency following the storms in our area wednesday. that system spawned four confirmed tornadoes, three in north carolina and one virginia. one in north carolina caused a lot of damage in granville county. gloria rodriguez is live in oxford talking with the clean-up process. gloria: today is the clean-up process that continues here and once it cleans up they can rebuild.
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look as the sun starts it rise. you can get a view of some of the damage. you see trees that have been snapped from the powerful winds. we have chopper 11 h.d. footage of the wreckage. at least a dozen homes damaged after the twister touched down in granville county. some homes on hunts pwreboro road are destroyed. a dairy farm and cattle farm hit and the governor declared a state of emergency. the national weather service says the tornado was an ef-2. it had maximum winds of 125 miles an hour. its period of time covers five miles and it was 150 yards wide. three cows we are hearing died and amazingly nobody was hurt. rick mcwilliams and his wife count their blessings. he went out to get dog food just before the storm hit.
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looked at what could have been. if he had been home he wouldn't have lived through it. he would not have known to go get in the bathroom. he would never have known that there was a tornado coming. he wouldn't be alive. knowing that, acan'ti can't cry over this. gloria: so many residents saying they are so thankful nobody was hurt because they say this can replace all of these belongings and rebuild but of course a person can never be replaced and again everybody here safe. the other thing is that many residents here lost power but at this time almost all customers in our viewing area do have power again. live in granville county, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you, gloria. barbara: the five republican candidates wrapped up the final debate before super tuesday and
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donald trump was the targentum going in super tuesday. john: 6:09 the weekend starting early for some students at one foulke --g like storms winter returns to some parts of the state. barbara: weather and traffic together. we will look from chopper 11 h.d. showing -- boy, a beautiful sunrise over the triangle. i wish it was a little more clear.
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don: every now and then you see the bright morningstar. the morningstar always burns brightest discuss before it has to go. that is from "our town" in case you are wondering. it is early. we will so you radar.
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we have sn don: welcome back. let's talk about the drive in. should be easy for you weatherwise although you may want to warm up the car. i ran out to get something out of my car and it is cold. by 7:00 we are just 34. we warm into the 40's but it will take until 10:00. 36 south hill, 34 roanoke rapids, 32 henderson. hillsborough 35.
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raleigh, cary both 36. 33 sanford, 35 hope mills, 37 lillington. it is clear right now and as we go through midday we will have lots of sunshine but just 44 agrees. we will be in the 40's from the triangle north. south you may get to the low 50's. we will have that and weekend forecast up next. john: a charlotte school is closed to clean up from a senator virus outbreak. 63 metro school students were absent and seven went home yesterday with symptoms of stomach bug. that is 70 students out of a population of 250. the cowert health director -- the county health director said it is a concern because it serves students with developmental disabilities and some with other health issues. they are scrubbing down the cast rooms and buses. barbara: went weather in the
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a couple inches fell in madison county. you see the weekend blowing it. there was a light coating yesterday. they were salted soexactly. a live pony dressed up for a children's birthday party got loose. the pony darted out in traffic before a nearby resident with a horse helped corral it. that is lake i don't want to go.
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take this off my head. it is 6:14 and development in cary getting the green light. >> that is despite protests from residents. the person of a vote last night and why the fight is far from over. barbara: the happy reunion for a the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer,
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and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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john: welcome back, 31 degrees and 6:17. here are the headlines. authorities trying to determine shooting in kansas. the gunman killed three people and wound the 14 at a lawn mower parts plant where rubio. hours before a court deadline to
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motion asking the government to drop the demand. other tech companies microsoft, gag, twitte facebook, yahoo are publicly siding with apple. barbara: surgeons in cleveland performed the first uterus transplant. it was done on a 26-year-old woman using a uterus from a deceased donor. it gives women a chance of phreg si. other countries have done this. plans to stop a developer from building another publix grocery in cary hits a snag. last night the town council gave the green light for development on the corner of green level church and carpenter fire station road. the vote was only about approving it for commercial use and any specific development will have to be approved at a alert date. john: today a rescue dog has a reunion in durham.
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in an animal cruelty investigation. the deputy saw more than a dozen dogs in unspeakable conditions. marty and that deputy seen here will meet again when marty is the newest member of her family. the southwest michigan husky club nursed marty back to health and now it makes the 12-hour trip to durham for a wonderful reunion. barbara: i love that story. what a face. john: beautiful dog. don: those people who foster pets have a special place in my heart. i don't know how you do it. bring them from terrible conditions like our recent dogs both were in terrible health and within was starve and one was shot with a gun and we nursed them back and i can't manual giving them away. you have all my respect if you are a foster family for a pet or kids. barbara: but they probably have five other dogs. don: makes it easier. we can get rid of one. we will talk about the temperatures.
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little below average. it will be cool today. today the coolest. 49. a 51 tomorrow. 60's saturday and we will stay there into next week. love look into joined raleigh and -- downtown raleigh and beautiful sky. see for miles. it has dropped the temperature. 31 is the new number it hour. dew point 25 and 79% humidity. southwest wind five miles an hour. how about this gorgeous shot the sunrising in the city of medicine. 34. west wind three miles an hour. looking at temperatures across the region, 31 roxboro, 31 chapel hill. 36 in roanoke rapids, objection for the because of that tornado that hit at the airport we don't have a temperature sensor there so we will have to wait to see the f.a.a., if it fixes it. 37 fayetteville. cheer across the region and that will be with us today, tonight
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for the rest of today in raleigh 39 at 9:00. by lunchtime 44 and mostly sunny skies. we go north where you will see mostly sunny, breezy, 48 degrees by 2:00. looking at temperatures across the region today, around 50 in holly springs, 49 durham. 48 chapel hill. 61 smithfield. wendell 350. 50 lillington. 52 fayetteville. 51 pinehurst. 46 henderson, 45 roxboro, 48 roanoke rapids and 50 wilson. tonight the temperatures across the area back into the 20's for overnight lows. 27 raleigh. 29 fayetteville. 27 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, temperatures tomorrow morning coldest morning by far of the next seven below freezing. 51 tomorrow afternoon. sunday 63 after starting at freezing.
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tuesday of 66 fplt66. nice dry stretch. john: monday is leap day. i'm asking on my facebook page what special thing should we do to celebrate. don: that we can do. barbara: that is pretty risky. don: how about sleep in? john: yeah. amber: did they agree with my leap? >> i just put it on. amber: chopper 11 h.d. with always. tgif. it is 40 and 440 off to a great start. been a long week weatherwise and we say every friday it has been a long week. 40 and 440 just fine. the sun is making its way up. it is hard to see from this chopper picture but that is a nice clear picture and shows us that it is quiet. chopper is able to fly with us. road weather index no problems, no fog, no rain. we have had this minor accident
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there is a lane block due it bridge maintenance around siler city at 421 southbound at ikes brooks road. other than that good. john: good, good. barbara: it is 6:23 and 31 degrees. score one for the humans. john: the company bucking the trend and replacing robots with people. barbara: no doubt the duke's
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but his only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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john: another dominant game for duke's grayson allen. he led the blue devils with 18 points in an 80-65 rout over florida state. but it is what happened at the end of the game that has folks talking. he appears to intentionally trip a florida state player in the final seconds. he was not called for a foul but it was the second time he has been accused of tripping an opponent in the past month. for once people are replacing robots. a milestone for an iconic game. here is reena ninan and kendis gibson with our tech news. >> in "tech bytes" major reversal by mercedes. it is replacing robots with humans. you heard that right. they say robots content keep up with the level of individualization on some models. >> humans are taking over.
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of pokemon started in 1996 showing no signs of elect up. >> a new game is do you out soon and fuller house is streaming on netflix and fans are excited. most of the original stars are back for the 1980's classic. 13 episodes and twitter is on fire with fan reaction. most saying they are staying up all night and all day to win pblg watch. barbara: what are we waiting for? >> let's do it. those are your "tech bytes." john: 6:27 and a man gets attacked in a durham parking garage. >> the next thing i remember is a co-worker was with me holding a wound on my head. john: what else he remembers before he was attacked.
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mi >> boom, boom, boom and proceeded to go into the building. barbara: breaking horror in hesston.
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others wounded and the suspect identity just revealed. john: making sense of a senseless crime two weeks after a grandmother lose her leg in a drive-by shooting. we hear from her. >> chilly morning as temperatures flirt with freezing. look how beautiful it is. meteorologist don schwenneker tracking a warm-up that you will like. good morning, carolina, welcome on this friday february 26, 31 degrees and 6:31. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. thanks for tuning in. we go to meteorologist don schwenneker and talk about the cold temperatures. don: it is chilly but clear skies and nothing falling. it should be an easy drive. you will need the sun glasses and the heater. looking at temperatures, in the 30's. by 8:00 it is 34 and 10:00 mid 40's this afternoon by lunchtime. then as we go into the afternoon temperatures upper 40's.
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42 and it will fall through the 30's in the evening hours. current numbers from across the region, 31 roxboro, 36 roanoke rapids, 35 wilson and goldsboro. 33 sanford, 37 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead, 31 now and mainly cheer. lunchtime 44 and through the afternoon a lot of sunshine and around 50 degrees today. today will be the coolest of the next seven. tonight will be the coldest. even though we are in the 30's today tomorrow morning the temperatures will be in the 20's. very cold to start saturday but we warm up nicely. now beewe talk traffic with a.m. many a. amber: it is a pretty quiet start to the day. friday is usually lighter with the volume and we have chopper 11 h.d. giving us some aerials. 440 and 495 looking nice and it is nice, dry, clear start to the friday morning. a little chilly, 31 degrees. you don't have to worry about
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this is the mapping system. live returns coming back with a lot of green. everything moving on time on the majors. there's an accident near north hills saint alban's traoeufr north hill street and nice sunrise over 540. clear conditions and no problems there. caitlin: we are getting new details now in that deadly shooting spree that took place in hesston kansas. that is a small community about the gunman is cedric larry ford. a standoff at his home is over. police went in after some conflicting reports of somebody being inside. the main crime scene is excel industries where 15 were shot, three killed last night. the suspect again away just
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there. by the time law enforcement killed him 15 had been shot in the building. eyewitnesses describe the moments as bullets started flying. >> i witnessed him shoot the shots. i saw the shell brownback is asking people to keep the people in your prayers. five of the 14 injured are in critical condition. barbara: u.s. military sending a
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testing a missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon. the machineman -- machineman three was shot and it reminded north korea of u.s. power as concerns degree about north korea's push to have nuclear weapons that could reach u.s. soil. several top military were there including the deputy defense secretary. deputies are pushing for clues in a shooting that left a 72 woman injured. they were canvassing her nabbed yesterday and she -- neighborhood yesterday. she remembers coming back to her home from shopping and someone heard gunshots outside the house and her daughter jumped on her mom to shield her. she went to duke university medical center and doctors had amputated her left leg and another bullet wound in the right. >> i don't remember nothing else.
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waking up with an amputated leg. barbara: 13 days after that durham county sheriff deputies were back in the nabbed trying to keep it -- neighborhood trying to keep it from going cold feel john: the last republi second place and the chance to be the main opponent of trump. trump drew criticism from outside the g.o.p. the former mexican president used an be a tendency when declaring his disgust to build a wall along the board.
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6:36 and durham man viciously attacked and robbed in a parking garage. >> i'm angry about this because it was a bad experience. barbara: he is talking exclusively to "eyewitness news." the last thing he remembers before he went down. john: new pictures in of a brush expire in moore county. don: as you head out the door it is a cold are morning.
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a look don: let's talk about the tornadoes.
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findings yesterday. we had four in the area. the one in granville and vance county was an ef-2, 125 miles an hour. left a path five miles long. durham county an ef-1 on the ground .1 mile and southeastern wayne county 1.25 miles on the ground ef-0. ef-1 in mecklinburg county, virginia. all the damage in robinson and cumberland county was investigated by the national weather service and they determined it was straight line winds and not tornadic activity. hopefully we won't see one of those days again for a while. we will talk about the bus stop forecast. as the kids head out 30's. they will stay in the 3030's through 8:00. clear and wind-chills in the 20's. we will talk more about the warming air and great weekend forecast shaping up in a couple of minutes. john: new this morning a brush
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homes in moore county. the flames were knocked down just in time. this is promenade lane off airport road near whispering pines. our crew said about an acre and a half was involved with trees and nearby building destroyed. authorities believe it started from a tree down on a power line. barbara: right now we are learning the name of a woman killed in a crash in northern wake county. she is 53-year-old hill. it was near zebulon yesterday. troopers say hill's red car pulled out in front of the s.u.v. exclusive. a durham man is home this morning nursing a number of wounds. he was viciously attacked and
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garage. and stole has wallet. the teen faces charges but police are not identifying him because he is a juvenile. gildehaus works for a nonprofit that fights for social justice. he tells "eyewitness news" he hopes to get back to work next week on a mission to make do you recall safer. we are keeping you connected to big stories online. amber: a couple of stories trending this morning lighting up the news. this is one you could read on the abc11 home page. better takes dying sister to her first dance. that is a.j. who is 5 and15 and his sister rebecca who is battling cancer and her bone marrow
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her to his winter formal to make sure she got to experience that. this is getting attention. cheryl tiegs said she was not happy she didn't support "sports illustrated" putting a full figure model on the cover. she said it is not healthy and took backlash and she is clarifying see doesn't think it is healthy. we end on a sweet note. look at this dog jumping on the hospital bed to comfort this 9-year-old boy with autism. that is his medical dog that goes everywhere with him. look at him waiting for him to wake up after an m.r.i. to figure out why he is having so many seizures. capturing hearts all around the world. barbara: mine, too. john: thanks, amber. barbara: 31 degrees and 6:43. google is throwing support behind apple. how it is getting involved in
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john: she is a model honors asher caitlin: the fight against isis is going digital as the pentagon is launching a new aggressive round of cyber attacks against the group. u.s. officials say it is part of a campaign targeting the terrorist' ability to use social media to recruit fighters and inspire followers. president obama directing his national security team to pursue the group on all fronts. he said since last summer the group hasn't launched a single successful operation in syria or iraq where it currently controls
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barbara: also new suspect still on the loose after a sheriff deputy was shot on patrol in south carolina. local media reports that the berkeley county deputy was shot after stepping out of her vehicle. the deputy is recovering at a local hospital. john: anle -- going plans it file a friend of the court brief for apple. a court ordered apple to help hack into a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple is against it. going makes android software that powers smart phones and fears creating precedent that authorities can use to read sensitive information on phones. barbara: today president obama is headed to florida to defend the stimulus bill he signed. it pumped more than $760 billion into a slumping economy. he will argue that the country is on more solid ground because of the tough choices he made early on.
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bucks. john: an alarming case in pennsylvania a high school have an expired visa. more coming up on "good morning america." barbara: odd story. it is chilly this morning. don: it is. it is the coolest morgue in a while and -- morning in a while. we will talk more about that but we will talk about rain chances because there's a clear sky and we won't see a rain chance until next wednesday. that will be the second day of march for us to find rain. let's talk about now.
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and temperature right now 31. dew point is 25. that is 79% humidity. southwest wind five miles an hour. live look into durham and sunlight in the sky, 35, 60% humidity. west wind five. fayetteville checks in under a clear sky as well. look at the sunshine there with the temperature 37. west wind eight. numbers from across the region, everybody in the 30's from 31 roxboro to 34 roanoke rapids. 31 chapel hill. 33 sanford, 37 in clinton. 35 goldsboro. clear skies and they will stick around. we see the snow staying to the north and it is going to stay up there. we have snow in the mountains. if you are a ski fan this, is the weekend to go because then it warms up. you have fresh powder to deal with in the mountains of north carolina. sunny at lunchtime and by 8:00 tonight temperatures falling into the 30's. it will be a cold evening across the region.
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and then as we go in sunday we will see the temperatures climbing into the 60's. forecast is like this for the rest of today. temperatures in raleigh will climb from the 30's to 40's by lunchtime. 44. this afternoon still in the 40's. mostly sunny and breezy. should be a gorgeous day. tonight temperatures across the region back into the 20's. 27 raleigh. 29 fayetteville. seven first alert seven-day forecast, temperatures tomorrow back into the 50's. 51 degrees. mostly sunny skies. on sunday 63 degrees. lots of sunshine. monday partly sunny and 65. tuesday mostly sunny and 66. wednesday is the next chance of rain. we stay in the 60's. "big weather" pic of the day. good morning and good luck. this is peanut butter from g-105. every morning i go there and brook is one of his cohorts there.
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she is leaving. i'm not sure we can say where she is getting but she's been a good friend and does a lot of work for charities folks don't know about. john: good luck. barbara: we will miss you. john: amber, it is friday and we have traffic. amber: we do. we have skills. you were doing it earlier. john: no comment. amber: happy friday by the way. chopper 11 h.d. is helping us this morning. yesterday what difference a day makes. yesterday they were over tornado damage which they are still working on cleaning up. and now clear skies, 440 and capital it is fine start to friday. nice an quiet. we have had a pretty quiet morning so far as you step out. a couple of minor issues to deal with on the roads. none of them includes weather.
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market north hill street and st. albans drive. durham freeway good. nice and dry. sun up and grab the shades and jacket. 40 eastbound five minutes 64 to 70. no problems belt lane durham freeway good. we will check in throughout g.m.a. barbara: 6:52 and 31 degrees. shooting spree in kansas levers four dead. john: the officer who brought that rampage it an end.
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for people in granville county. john: the morning rush all the news weather and traffic you need. barbara: we are following the big stories including another deadly plane crash in knee balance and tornado in virginia. kansas police officer hailed as a hero for stopping a series of shaolgts. he gunned down a man who stormed a factory where he worked in kansas. the gunman killed three and wounded 14 others. officers are in a standoff with his ram mate. john: a plane with 11 on goes down in nepal. it is the second plane crash this week. at least one died. officials say it appeared to have technical problems and tried to land on a farmer's field when it crashed. barbara: national weather
6:56 am
appear appomattox county had winds up to 165 miles an hour. it was an ef-3. it was on ground 13 miles. gloria rodriguez is live in granville county. gloria: the focus today is on cleaning up because take a look at the mess that many residents are dealing with. their homes in shambles. the front of this home collapsed and you see what is left of the kitchen. we are herring from the national weather service the tornado was an ef-2. it brought winds of 125 miles an hour and was about five miles wide so we will 10 to monitor the -- we will continue to monitor that and residents continue to clean,and nobody was injured. back to you. john: the cary town council gives the green light for the commercial use of 21 acres of land. a developer wants to put in a
6:57 am
carpet fire station road. some residents have been fighting it. barbara: oscar sunday two days away and one place you can see the academy awards is here. it begins sunday night at 7:00 followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00. don: you will see cold temperatures and clear skies. we are around freezing. barbara: "good morning america"
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john: make it a great weekend. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning about the gunman and the hero cop who brought him down. fireworks at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it a two-man race overnight. is it too little too late with super tuesdays away? marco rubio joins us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anyone to see played in court for the jury. the "dancing with the stars" host in tears as she gets set to testify in that $75 million trial.


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